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Trending Bookmarks of the Year



While e-books are gaining popularity day by day, it cannot be denied that paperback books are still a preferred reading medium for a large percentage of the population. Bookmarks are an excellent product for avid readers, as well as students who wish to mark various portions of their textbooks. Customized bookmarks are an appealing alternative to regular bookmarks, helping readers express their individuality. Here are the trending designs of the season.

Corner Bookmarks

This is one of the trending bookmark designs that is both affordable and quirky. It’s also really flexible. Corner bookmarks are made using the concept of paper folding. Bookmarks can be marketed with different themes and designs and printed in their unfolded forms. They can be sold as DIY bookmarks, which actually enhances appeal while reducing the need to work on them any further.

Edge Bookmarks

While bookmarks are folded and placed on the corner of the pages, edge bookmarks are inserted in the book with a portion jutting out of the pages, reflecting different unique designs. For instance, you can stick to themes like die-cut animal or dessert edges, or go for die-cut messages that appeal to different personalities. Edge bookmarks require a combination of graphic design and cutting to bring out their finest qualities. In return, customers will surely enjoy the unique designs as well as their gifting potential.

Line Pointer Bookmarks

Another variety of bookmarks is the type that actually points at the line where the reader last stopped. While these bookmarks are usually made using rubber or string wrapped around the pages with a pointer part, this can also be replicated by adding a slider with an icon design on a regular bookmark. Feel free to express your creativity on different designs that are both practical and unique!

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