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It seems very strange when someone says that they are using door hangers as a marketing tool. We could have not find it as an innovative advertising tool if our customers has not demanded us such services. Hanger printing are limited to few places like hotels, restaurants etc. Door hangers used as an effective strategy for marketing products and services of the company.

These door hangers are the best promotional means when you want to build the local presence and grab the attention of customers. Nowadays, they provide simple, dispensive and convenient way of advertising for your business products. These hangers have the ability of catching the customer’s attention while they crossing the doors.

Dino Print has come up with the Door hangers printing with wide range of sizes 3.5″ * 8.5″, 3.5″ * 8.5″, 4.25″ * 11″ and more and colors. included Colored at 4 sides, no colors at either side or Black & White, depending upon the requirements. You can start the process of placing an order with the calculator above and call us at 03 90216886 or email us for more information on any of the product and getting the free quite. Thanks for ordering with us.



  8.5CM x 21.5CM ” Door Hanger Illustratorphotoshopin-designquark-express
  8.8CM x 28CM ” Door Hanger Illustratorphotoshopin-designquark-express
 10.5CM x 28CM ” Door Hanger Illustratorphotoshopin-designquark-express
 10.5CM x 36CM ” Door Hanger Illustratorphotoshopin-designquark-express


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